The Royal Kittens

Posted Dec 2018

Available for adoption


Sir Grumpalot - I don't know why my captor calls me Grumpalot. I'm really quite loving and friendly, especially when you open a can of heavenly Fancy Feast. I am still quite shy and startle easily, but I am slowly getting used to the finer things in life again. Especially belly and back rubs.


Sir Fluffington - I'm quite laid back and easy going, but loud noises and sudden movements make me jump. I am getting used to the better things in life in my foster home and promise you lots of cuddles and kisses once I get to know you. Especially if you feed me yummies.


Sven the Giant - I am the proud runt of the litter and have been working hard to catch up to my brothers in size. So hard in fact that if they had a 'who can eat the most' contest for kittens, I'd be able to pay for my keep. I, like my brothers Fluffington and Grumpalot, am still getting over my fear of loud noises and new things, but I love cuddles from my foster mom and family and know I'll love cuddles from you even even more.


Oscar the Great - Hey, hey. My name needs no explanation, but I'll give you one anyway. One - just look at me - nuff said. Two - even though I had the same rough start as my siblings, I'm as loving and cuddly as can be. I frequently use my foster family's legs as climbing posts and live sitting on their shoulders. I can't wait to do the same with you.

Breaking News!! They're alive. They're well. And they need your help to find their new kingdoms to preside over. These royal kittens spent the first seven or so weeks of their lives in the cold, wet gladiator pits, fighting for their survival. After being captured by a kind soul and transferred to a safe, temporary hideaway while they recover and acclimate to the finer things in life, they are now ready to find their purrever kingdoms. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the latest royal litter from the Mudpits of Pennsylvania - Sir Grumpalot (black), Sir Fluffington (brown tabby), Sven the Giant (brown and white tabby), and Oscar the Great (white). Here are their stories in their own words.

While the kittens are willing to find their own kingdoms to preside over, we would like to keep Oscar and Sven, and Grumpalot and Fluffington, together. 

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