Why FosterCat?

Foster Cat, Inc. is all about saving lives. It's as simple as that. We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the proposition that all cats and kittens deserve safe, loving, permanent homes.

Our foster parents provide temporary care for cats and kittens in their homes until they can be placed for adoption. Their compassion provides the second chance that so many stray, abandoned or homeless kitties need, and the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped save the lives of these helpless animals.

FosterCat provides training and support, medications, food and litter as needed, and absorbs all veterinary expenses associated with the care of our kitties. If you love kitties and would like to be a part of our lifesaving team, consider opening your heart and home to cats or kittens in need. We promise you won’t regret it! If you can’t foster, you can still help save lives as a volunteer or supporting member. Click on “How You Can Help”, above, for more information.


Happy New Year 2017 from FosterCat!

FosterCat wishes all our friends and felines a very happy, warm and snuggly New Year! Sporting their holiday finery are Snowy and Mosey (formerly Jolie) who love to dress up!

Touched by Three Kittens

Some of you may remember a TV series that aired not so many years ago called Touched by an Angel. The main characters were three human beings who had died and somehow been transformed into angels and then sent back to earth to help unsuspecting humans resolve various problems in their lives. Despite the fact that its portrayal of these heavenly beings and their relationships to their human “assignments” was totally unbiblical, the episodes inevitably ended happily and the program was quite popular as “family entertainment”.

Actually, the Bible does record a number of instances in which the Lord God did use angels (the English word which is transliterated from the Greek word meaning “messenger” or “minister”) to deliver messages of redemptive significance, to give warnings of impending events, or to intervene supernaturally to rescue His people from imprisonment, death or other dire circumstances. Scripture also tells us that he continues to deploy these “ministering spirits” to guard and protect His people to this day. However, God is not limited to the use of angels to accomplish his providential purposes in the lives of his creatures. He also can and does routinely use other means, including acts of nature, and the words and actions of human beings and animals.

As you might have guessed by this time, our story in this issue is about three kittens who came into the lives of an adoptive family and were used to touch their lives in very special ways. Their story began last January when Julie and daughter McKenna had taken their dog Riley to Banfield for a vet appointment and happened to notice KoKo playing in her cage in the PetSmart Adoption Center. Her acrobatics caught their eyes, but her warm response when they held her sealed the deal. They filled out the Adoption Application and waited hopefully.

KoKo, a Seal Point Siamese mix kitten, had already experienced great hardship in her young life. She was extremely undernourished when we took her into our care, but was patiently and gently nursed back to health by foster parent Kim. This strikingly beautiful kitten had nearly been adopted several times, but each time, something fell apart. Of course, we didn’t know it at the time, but KoKo was going to be adopted by just the right family at just the right time.

Though a bit timid at first, KoKo (who was renamed Chloe) adjusted well and became a much loved member of her adoptive family. But an especially close bond developed between Chloe and McKenna, and it was with McKenna that Chloe snuggled and was tucked into bed each night.

Then early one morning in May, just a week after McKenna had returned home from a stay at Children’s Hospital, Chloe began to gasp for breath. The family bundled her into the car and rushed immediately to the vet, but by the time they arrived, Chloe had already passed away.

The entire family was devastated. “Our hearts are broken,” wrote Julie, when she contacted us to deliver the sad news. “She may have been with us for only four short months, but she made such a huge impression on our hearts. I couldn’t have asked for a better kitty for McKenna. She was so attached to Chloe and Chloe to her. Now, she sometimes has difficulty sleeping without Chloe cuddled up beside her.”

We wanted Julie and McKenna to know that we would gladly place another kitty with them, but we all knew that the whole family, but especially McKenna, would need time to grieve. Julie promised to stay in touch and let us know when McKenna was ready to consider another adoption.

Summer was soon upon us and the months flew by quickly, as we were very busy with lots of kittens being adopted. During this time, Julie and McKenna would sometimes pass the adoption center at Cranberry PetSmart as they were shopping for their other pets, but the sadness of Chloe’s loss was still too much with them.

Then one day in September, Julie called to tell us that McKenna had been smitten by one of our kittens at Cranberry. “As soon as she saw her, she fell in love,” said Julie. “She asked me, ‘what about that one, Mom?’ I said to her, “McKenna, she and the other kitten in the cage look exactly alike. We can’t take one and leave the other behind!” McKenna replied, “Really Mom, do you mean it?”

Well, of course she meant it. A few minutes later, I called PetSmart to tell the manager that he could release Darli and Dolly (now Stella and Bella) to Julie and off they went to their new home.

When I talked to Julie a few days later, she told me that the “girls” had made themselves right at home and that they were all “having a blast” with them. “They are a couple of characters, flying around the house. They are doing great with Riley. Stella cuddles up with Riley and Riley won’t even get into her bed if the kittens are already in it.”

And that is how one family, and one very special girl were touched by three little kittens. Three little “messengers” helped McKenna to learn some very important things at an early stage of her life. “I asked McKenna how she had known she was ready for another kitty and what had drawn her to Stella and Bella,” Julie told me when I called to ask for some photos for this article. “She told me that their eyes had followed her as she walked back and forth in front of the Adoption Center until she was able to go in.” “Mom, I just knew that they needed love and a family and I didn’t want them to have to sleep in that cold metal cage another night.”

“Chloe will always have a very special place in McKenna’s heart, and she knows that no other kitty will ever replace her,” Julie added. “But she has learned to open her heart again and to give her love to two more.”

Those are lessons we all need to learn.

“There is a time for everything.... a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance.....” Ecclesiastes 1, 4

“Love never fails.... And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13: 8a, 13

Eleventh Annual Spaghetti Dinner

We are pleased to announce that this year’s event raised almost $7000.00 for the care of the cats and kittens in our program. While this total was a bit lower than last year’s, we are very thankful for all who came out to support our cause.

Our sincere thanks go to all of the organizations and individuals who generously donated food, supplies and/or cash, and to all of our faithful volunteers, who worked hard to help make the event a success, including: Laura Ammon, Norma Clouse, Denise Consonery, Irene Hardman, Elaine Quinque, Flora Brandi, John Sullivan, Kathy Conaway, Kathy Schwenning, Katie Tontala, Kim Zambrano, Mary Ann Mitro, Rose Weber, Audrey Franzetta, Dianne and Ron Gruendl, Barb Slade and Alexa Howald.

Together, you have all helped us to continue to pursue our mission of saving lives, one cat at a time. (Please excuse us if we missed your name and accept our sincere thanks).

Fund-raising Coordinator Needed

Fund-raising is a crucial component of the activities of all nonprofit organizations and FosterCat is no exception. None of us can fulfill our missions without the financial support of businesses and individuals who value the work we perform and are willing to invest financially in our continuing efforts.

We are looking for a special person to take on the role of Fund-raising Coordinator for FosterCat. That person would, first of all, believe in our mission and personally care about the welfare of homeless cats and kittens in our area. He/she would be a self starter, able to pick up the ball and run with it under the direction of, but with a minimum of day to day oversight by the FosterCat board. He/She would be creative in looking for new opportunities/venues for raising funds and suggesting ways to improve events we have already used. He/she would be skilled at recruiting and organizing the activities of volunteers, and soliciting donations and other types of support from individuals and businesses.

If you believe that you possess these skills/attributes and could pursue this job with sincere enthusiasm, please contact us via our website at www.fostercat.org.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Some things just can’t be said too often. That’s how we feel about telling all of our friends and supporters how grateful we are for their generous response to our 2016 Membership Drive campaign. Thanks to all of you, we raised $3780.00 to help defray the expense of providing care for the homeless cats and kittens in our charge.

I hope each one of you who became a member or renewed your membership this year will accept our thanks and share our joy in having been a part of bringing about happy endings like Timmy’s for so many other homeless cats and kittens.

New Rescue Magazine To Support FosterCat

We have registered FosterCat as a charity for the new magazine "Rescue Me." Kellie Gormly, one of our volunteers, who is a journalist, will have a column in every issue!

It does not cost FC anything to register and if you are interested in subscribing, please reference FosterCat and the Rescue ID number for FosterCat C831. FosterCat will receive $19.95 for each $29.95 subscription fee received.

You can register online at www.readysetrescue.com or call 800-738-2665.

Please encourage friends and relatives to subscribe and remember to use our FosterCat ID C831 on all subscription orders!


Attention Cat Lovers in the South Hills Area

FosterCat, Inc. is seeking responsible, cat loving caregivers to provide temporary love and care for homeless cats until permanent homes are found. FosterCat, Inc. is a local 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Contact FosterCat, Inc. at 412-481-9144 or click here to learn more about becoming a FosterCat foster parent and to submit a foster application.



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Animal Abuse Hotline for Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has established a statewide toll-free hotline for reporting cases of animal abuse. Concerned citizens observing incidents of abuse may contact the Society at (866) 601-SPCA.



Our Mission

The mission of FosterCat Inc. is to develop and sustain an organization to provide temporary foster care for cats and kittens in private homes until permanent homes can be found.