About the Kitties in Our Program

Until no more kitties need homes, we'll be there to help those who need us.

We joke about "kitten season" every year, but the truth is that every summer shelters are full to bursting with kittens and unspayed, unwanted female cats. While shelters and other programs work to spay and neuter every cat, someone has the take the overflow of homeless cats until homes can be found for them. FosterCat was founded to fulfill this need.

Our cats may come from shelters or rescue organizations or private surrenders, but once they are in the system, we care for them as if we had adopted them as our own.

Please peruse our adoptable cats, but don't forget to read the happy stories on the "Alumni" page. And we keep in touch with fosters-turned-permanent-companions, even after they've crossed the Rainbow Bridge, on our "Memorials" page.

And don't forget—even if you find you can't adopt or foster, you can still help FosterCat in many ways, such as volunteering your time, making a donation or becoming a sponsor or member. Visit "How You Can Help" for more information and opportunities.