Make Contact!

Here are three easy ways to contact FosterCat:

Send a good old-fashioned letter:


Write to:
FosterCat, Inc
P.O. Box 23414

Pittsburgh, PA 15222-6414

Give us a call:

(412) 481-9144


E-mail us:


But first, please read below...


FosterCat is a Rescue and Placement Agency for Homeless Cats and Kittens


We operate only in the tri-county area surrounding Pittsburgh, PA.


We do not provide boarding services or temporary care for owned pets.


If you need boarding services or temporary care for your pet, we suggest asking friends or family members to care for the cat(s) temporarily. Check your local yellow pages for boarding services in your area. Try contacting local shelters to see if any of their employees/volunteers provide boarding services in their homes to make a little extra money. If you live near a university, you might check to see if you can find a grad student who lives in a pet friendly apartment, who would care for your cat(s) for the pleasure of their company while they are away at school. We have had a number of grad students who have fostered for us over the years.


If you are interested in fostering or adopting a cat or kitten, or want to contact FosterCat regarding our rescue and placement services in the Pittsburgh region, please send us an email at