Posted April 2024

Available for adoption as only cat

Can you or a friend provide help to Esme? Esme, a very healthy, 4 year old kitty, is a special case because she needs a long term foster or adoption home.

Esme takes a while to warm up and has a timid personality. She needs a home where she will be an "only cat". Esme has a timid personality, and while it takes time for her to warm up, she is great with young kids. However, she is aggressive with other cats. Esme is super vocal and will meow for food. After meals, she "chirps" for cuddles and head scratches. She is very affectionate once she gets to know you-and likes to sleep near you. Esme likes watching the great outdoors -birds, squirrels, etc.

Esme was returned to FosterCat likely because of her aggressive nature towards other cats (they had more than one cat in the household). If you are interested in giving Esme a chance at a secure and happy life in your home, please contact FosterCat at

Editor's Note: my cat Klondike is exactly like Esme. She was an anxious member of a multi-pet household and was surrendered to a shelter. She spent time "recovering" in a loving foster home and now enjoys a peaceful, happily ever after life with us as an "only cat".

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