Three Kittens

Posted Aug 2023

Available for adoption

Arabeth is gray. Valeur is the one in the window with his head tilted. Falfier is the black one laying down.

Arabeth is a sweet 5 almost 6 month old kitten. She will melt your heart when she cuddles up to you. She likes to cuddle and would enjoy a quiet home. She is very loyal and affectionate. She is also very smart and knows her name and listens while you talk to her. This princess is ready for her pillow on your bed. She occasionally likes to play with kitty toys and will chase your shoe laces.

Falfier is a very active 5/6 month old male kitten. He loves every person he meets and will start purring as soon as you pet him. He enjoys playing with his brother, chasing cat toys and taking long naps in the sun. He will curl up and sleep with you. He likes our family dogs and older cats. He’s also great with children.

Valeur is a mischevious 5/6 month old male kitten who can often be found laying in wait for his brother. He hides in the shadows and pounces on any unsuspecting creature. He is very loving and always wants to know where we are. He will follow me around the house meowing. He also has a wonderful purr. He was raised with dogs, cats and kids and does well with all of them.

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