Posted Jan 2021

Available for adoption

Pumpkin is a big 20lb fawn colored cat with huge jowls; he is 5 years old and loves to eat.  He was a stray cat on Mount Washington all his life so far. He’s had a hard life scrapping with other cats for food and shelter.  Many residents of Mount Washington loved Pumpkin, and the neighbors finally decided that Pumpkin had been through enough and couldn’t bear to see him struggle through another cold winter. Pumpkin deserves a safe forever home!  The neighbors got together and formed a plan to get Pumpkin to the vet where he received all his shots and was neutered.  Pumpkin is now being fostered by one of those neighbors who reports he is eating, drinking and using the litter box like a champ.  At the vet, it was found that Pumpkin has FIV, but he is strong and healthy and loves head scritches and being fed. Pumpkin is weary of new people at first, but warms up quickly especially if you have food!  Once he’s sure you’re not going to hurt him, he loves to be pet and give head butts.  Pumpkin is looking forward to the day that he is warm and safe in his forever home. He is looking for a quite home where he can be besties with his caregiver because Pumpkin loves human interaction once you are a trusted friend.

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