Formerly Kristoff, adopted December 2016


I just wanted to send you a few pictures and give you a progress update on Andy.

When I brought Andy home my other kitties (Jack & Daisy) were so curious, there was no keeping them apart!
We tried a temporary separate room for Andy with his very own litter box, food & water bowls, fluffy blanket and kitty bed with toys.
But it literally lasted less than 10 minutes before the other kittens were scratching the door and sticking their paw underneath.
It was all just too exciting not to include them!

I opened the door and Andy flew out, running thru the house checking out everything and everyone.
He became fast friends with Jack, playing and hanging out.
Daisy took about a week before she stopped hissing and would eat at the same time and snuggle in bed at the same time.

Now they all chase each other around the house, play with the same toys and snuggling during day naps.

He is such a good boy. We really enjoy his cold nose kisses in the middle of the night and his little meows when he knows he is going to receive some wet food or a treat.

Thank you for bringing us together!

FosterCat, Inc

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