(formerly Ren)... Adopted, October 2009.

From Bagheera's new home...

On top of Bagheera (or Ren) himself being such a distraction and preparing for the holidays, along with all the regular to-dos, I hadn't found a good chunk of time and go through my pictures. I have way too many already! And I wanted to make sure I sent you just the right ones, especially for his foster parents. These seemed to be the perfect ones, since he's clearly posing and looking straight at us! They're good shots of his glossy little body and I think you can make out his white whisker (and eyebrow). Plus, the one has a Calvin & Hobbes book about a scary jungle cat right behind him! You may not want to use a human in any of your photos, but I thought it might be nice to see him snuggling up with his new family.

FosterCat, Inc

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