Formerly Genghis Khat, Adopted, September 2012


Boo, formerly Genghis Khat, was adopted in September 2012. From his new home… Thank you so much! He is such a joy! Althouh now, his name is Boo since I have loved black cats forever, and find no connection to bad luck as sometimes others do. My daughter saw him first (the y adopted a cat the day she saw him) and said, Mom, he is the one for you. It is like he looked into my eyes and said, where’s your mom? I went down to see him that day and he jumped in my arms and purred!! I was hooked. Had to wait, of course, a few days, but was soooo glad to go to pick him up. He is happy, funny, loving!!! Loves to sleep in my arms at night and he purrs me to sleep. We have an 8-month old black lab female. She adores him, but I knew she would. Here are a couple of pictures from the night he came home!

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