Formerly Ty, adopted May 2014


I really can't thank you enough for helping me adopt Bowtie, or Bow for short. He's been such an amazing kitten and I honestly can't believe he's mine. He's really helped with my healing process, and even though nothing will be able to replace my Pickle, he's brought a lot of laughs and love into my life.

Since Bow came to live with us, he's been very adventurous throughout the house. I supervised him the first few times before letting him explore the house on his own, but what's funny is he always ends up coming back to my room to check in with me! He pops in, trills, purrs and meows at me before heading back out. He loves my Peter Pan stuffed animal on my bed and lays with him or tries to bite his feet sometimes and he loves being playful with the toys I've gotten him.

He doesn't quite sleep with me yet, but I'm hoping as he gets older he'll start to want to settle down with me. He does lie next to me on my hamper when I'm on the computer or on the bed with me when I'm reading before bed. So it's nice to be able to have a companion again!

He's getting to know my other pets and is relentless in trying to bond with them, especially our orange kitty Henry. I'm sure they'll warm up to him eventually!

Thanks again for making this adoption process so easy for me. I love him so much already and can't wait for him to grow up with me. I've attached many pictures! Let me know if you would like any more as he grows :)

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