Formerly Daffodil, adopted July 2017


We love our little Buffy so much and she gives us every indication that she is a happy kitty! She is active, friendly, and VERY vocal. She loves to chase the laser pointer, play with her little fishy toys, and give big brother Melvin a run for his money! She is still learning that she is not allowed on the table (it's a work in progress, it's hard to discipline something so cute!) but we understand that she is still a kitten and that she still just wants what she wants. We are so thrilled to have added her to our little family and we are so excited for the adventures she has in store for us in the future.

I can't thank you enough for your patience and guidance through this whole process. She is the most perfect fit for us.

P.S. Don't be alarmed by the last photo. She isn't trapped - she just loves sneaking up on us by sliding under the bathroom door! 

FosterCat, Inc

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