Formerly Gypsy, adopted March 2014


Clary is settling wonderfully with our family. She loves to sit on our laps. or sit anywhere on us she can and give us kisses and fall asleep. She is slowly getting along with our current kitty Simon. Clary has become very vocal after about a week and gives us sweet little meows when we get home to say hello, or when we talk to her sometimes she talks back her sweet little meows. She meows like a maniac when she is playing with her toys.. She loves to play with feathered toys the most.. She will attack them, then carry them around the house like she killed it meowing like crazy, then she brings the toy up to us and presents it to us at our feet like a with a proud little look on her face....She also loves to collect all the toys she can find on the floor in the apartment and pile them up in a big pile for some reason... she will dart from room to room picking up toys and then dart back to the room with the pile and add the next toy to the stack. She loves all her new cat trees. Her favorite is the tall cat tree where she can sit up high in the room! She loves to sleep with us over night and sleeps buy our feet or on our bellies. Every now and then she kisses our faces and wakes us up but she just letting us know shes still there I think.. lol...She has started clicker training and is learning to come and sit for her first tricks.. She is very very smart, and learned come in only 3 about 5 min session. Her New bother Simon took on to clicker training very quickly also and already knows how to come and sit on command and is learning "Be Handsome" which looks like a dog begging... Soon Clary will be learning "Be Pretty"! Hopefully soon they will be best friends! We love our new Furbaby Clary !!!

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