Adopted January 2017


Fiona is doing well and is starting to settle into her new home and family.
She has recently started to spend her days and evenings with us and especially enjoys looking out the windows at the snow and the birds.
She is a morning kitty and is always happy and chirpy when I stumble out of bed. She likes to follow us around and be part of what is going on, soaking it all in.

She and Lucia are beginning to understand each other more and we are hoping that as time passes, they may grow a friendship and learn to really enjoy one another.
It took a little bit of time, but now they sit next to one another, and not a single hiss.
She and Vinnie have a lot in common…. Sleeping, lounging, evening play time, eating… and they are on the fast track of becoming best buds.

Thank you for helping us bring Fiona into our lives.

FosterCat, Inc

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