Adopted May 2014




(April 2015) See above the latest of Forrest, Leonard and Cinder. Forrest as you can see is getting to be a little furry thing. I believe he is a MaineCoon (please tell me your thoughts). Both Leonard and Forrest have the "M" on their foreheads. They are all doing well and are perfect fits in our family. God has blessed us many times over. Forrest is a rubber of the legs and loves to be touched!



(December 2015) Leonard, Forrest, & Cinder are doing well. See attached pics. Merry Christmas!

They did not like the reindeer antlers. Just had to, ya know.

(December 2015) Leonard, Forrest, & Cinder are doing well. See attached pics. Merry Christmas!

Things have calmed down here and as you can see by the pics I am sending everyone has relaxed and are adjusting to our newest family member. Forrest is just like you said. OH MY!!! so loving! Ray and I, Steve and Nick have fallen in love with the little guy!!. Cinder and Leonard are more relaxed each day. Leonard loves his new play companion and "size" doesn't matter!! Look real close on the one picture, you will see Forrest laying at the patio door watching a turkey and squirrel on the wall and step.

Sometimes it amazes me the way things happen. Ray and I discussing how we wished we would have adopted Leonard's brother 2 weeks ago. Then, Michelle sending the e-mail last week, and forwarding her and Alexa with pics of Leonard. And then Forrest, not being able to find his home. Good things do come to those who wait. Not only for Forrest but for us too!! We love him and he fits!!! Thank You!

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