Jack & Beau

Formerly Finn & Poe, adopted August 2017

Jack & BeauJack & BeauJack & BeauJack & Beau

We are so grateful to FosterCat Inc. for bringing Poe and Finn into our lives! We've renamed them; Finn is now Jack and Poe is now Beau. They're favorite activity is playing together! They chase, wrestle and jump all over, it's so fun to watch. Jack is a bit reserved but he's definitely warming up and cuddling more everyday. His favorite toys are string and a fuzzy kick toy. He's also loves to get his fur combed, which is lucky for me because I do it once a day! Beau is very affectionate and loves head pets. His favorite toys are little toy mice. We've had a handful of great naps together already! They really are very well behaved. We've had no problems at all. I feed them wet food twice a day and leave dry food out for them all day. This week we are getting them a cat tree and collars. We could not be more thrilled with the whole process. We love having Jack and Beau with us and will cherish them forever!

FosterCat, Inc

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