Formerly Bobbi, adopted March 2015



Jaina is continuing to thrive. She is quite the little mischief maker and loves to antagonize the dog. She continues to be a great snuggle kitty as well. She is also getting a long very well with our older cat. I spent a half an hour in the middle of the night watching those two play. It was well worth it to be tired the next day!


Just wanted to send some more pics. Bobbi has been renamed. In keeping with the Star Wars theme in the house, she is now called Jaina, after Hans Solo's daughter. She seems to like the name.

She is getting along well enough with the dog. While I wouldn't say they are best friends, they seem to be enjoying each other. They can at least sit on the couch next to each other with minimal intervention.

The biggest change has come from our older cat. She is coming out more and her depression, which has been in place since we lost our old cat, seems to be lifting. She is more social. Spooky and Jaina are not best friends either, but can share the same room, use the same litter box, walk past each other in the hall, and play with the laser light in the same area.

Jaina herself is growing quickly! Her tail is a quirky hook in the end of it that she uses to express herself quite a bit. She has settled in nicely and has settled in to her nightly romps around the house at 4 AM.

Here are some of the latest pics of her!

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