Formerly Bowie, adopted November 2016


Bowie (now Kodiak) is doing great. He and Romeo made friends immediately and are playing and cuddling. Dawna just adores him and says he is very sweet and cuddly with her too.


UPDATE January 2017: I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this little furball.

I adopted Kodiak in November so my older cat could have a companion and playmate. I had recently moved and he was very lonely. I couldn't have been paired with a better match. Kodi and Romeo became almost instant best friends and every morning I am greeted by a helicopter purr from my stark white kitten.
I couldn't imagine not having these two together.

Thank You - for all that you do, for all the cat's and kittens that you save and care for, and for completing my family

FosterCat, Inc

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