Adopted February 2013


Bonnie, now Kylie, is doing great and everyone in the family (with the exception of Kasey the cat) just loves her. For the most part, she continued to stay downstairs through the beginning of the summer (although she stopped traveling through the basement duct work - thank heaven). However, I had to travel for almost 3 weeks on business during the month of July and that finally caused her to head upstairs to be with my folks. It was good for both sides as now they really love her and she absolutely loves my father - sleeps on his lap and won't even do that with me (although she will sleep on my bed at night). She gets along especially well with Kirby, my Maine Koon, and I have attached a favorite picture of the two of them - brother and sister.

She is still shy around strangers, so no guarantees as to how she will act if you visit, but what an absolute lovey dovey she is - I absolutely adore her.

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