Adopted September 2013


Just wanted to let you know that I stopped by pet smart and signed the release form for the adoption of Leonard. Attached are some pictures we have taken. Will you please post a few on the FosterCat web-site, I was unable to see how I could do that.
At first there was a little adjustment with Cinder (our 9 yr old cat, who misses our 2 older cats who passed away within the past 2 yrs.) A little hissing! But, we gave it time and as you can see by the pics things are going smoothly and they have become friends. They sit side by side and watch the birds from the patio. Cinder watches and follows Leonard for entertainment. We forgot how much energy a little kitty has!!! We have all fallen in love with Leonard and his loving personality! I believe that Leonard found the family he was meant to be in. A win win for ALL!

Please let the foster ladies know how well he has adjusted and how much we love him. I know it was hard for them to part with him. All of you are to be commended for what you do. I will send you pics periodically to keep you updated.

FosterCat, Inc

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