Formerly Maxi, adopted August 2014


I changed her name to Minx after being around her. She is definitely a little Minx. She is a big tease with my other cat, Barney. She loves him, but I think he thinks she is a little pest. However, I have noticed Barney is more active since Minx has come to live with us. Before Barney just slept most the day. Minx is good for him.

She loves to play with her mice, scoot into the tiniest little places, and be cuddled and give you head butts. She has a great appetite and always cleans her bowl. I tell her she eats like a little truck driver.

In all, she has a very loving, sweet personality and is a wonderful part of our family.

Thanks again for helping us adopt little Minx!

FosterCat, Inc

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