Minx, Mischief, and MeiMei

Adopted January 2013

Minx, Mischief, and Misty? are all doing very well. No problems with litter box use and they are amazing that they've consistently used their scratching posts and not my furniture. LOL. We love their unique personalities. Misty is our cuddle bug... Mischief is well named and too smart... Minx is a bit more laid back, but when she gets going, she is just as energetic as her sisters.

Minx - Minxy loves her mousy and her cat tree.
Mischief - Mischief decided that I was working too hard and needed a break.
MischiefMinx - Minx was sitting on top of Mischief at first but then they shifted. Mischief is in front and Minx is behind.
Misty - Misty hanging out on her kitty tree.
Misty2 - She's hard to see but this is Misty the tortoise shell. She discovered the cubby in my desk.
MinxMischiefMisty - All three girls enjoying my daughters bed. Nice how they spread out. LOL
MischiefMinx2 - Minx and Mischief enjoying the open window
MistyMinxMischiefTree - Enjoying their floor to ceiling kitty tree.

Update March 2016: Mischief in the tube part of the cat tree. Mei Mei in on top and that’s Minx to the right. They’re watching cat TV as we call it in our house. I had just fed the birds. LOL

This is the playroom where they like to hang out when it’s cold. MeiMei is on the cat tree. Mischief is in the window. Minx is up on the shelf next to the books. We actually moved books to other places to give them room to sit up there.

We love our girls and I must add that having litter mates is great. All my life I only ever had one cat at a time. I just thought cats didn’t need other cats. But having three I can say that they play so well with each other. And as my daughter says all the time “we each have our own cat.” Each one bonded to one of us so we really do each have a best buddy.

Oh and keep sharing FosterCat information on Facebook. I share your posts every time I see them hoping to get the word out about your organization and cats in need of homes.

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