Adopted May 2014


Update July 2017:

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail with some pictures of Rocky and Portia. Thank you for all you to do to find cats good homes. I’m so thankful for my Rocky and Portia. I love them so much. I can hardly believe it’s been 11 years since Rocky adopted me. He’s the best little friend I’ve ever had. Even though he’s not a lap cat, he’s very affectionate and is usually by my side and just loves his canned food! I call him my little foodie but I stick to high quality foods for him. 

Portia has been nothing but a delight. She is a lap cat and frequently “kneads bread” before she settles down. She is the guardian of the house. When other cats visit me on my deck, she makes sure to chase them away (even though I keep the patio door closed so she can’t fight with any of the cats). It’s been three years since she adopted me and she’s such a sweet cat. Do recall her situation? I remember she was with a hoarder, but was it a cat-hoarder? She gets along well with Rocky.


I wanted to pass on some pics and tell you about Portia. It took her some time to build trust, but we're finally there. She has accepted me and my other friends, Rocky and Adrian. When I pick her up to give her hugs and kisses, she no longer swats my face to let me know she doesn't like being picked up. She sits in my lap and is very playful. I give her hugs every day and tell her how happy I am she accepted me.

Portia is also one little bundle of energy and loves to play. I couldn't be happier now that she has settled in. I think I'm at full capacity as far as being a caretaker goes.

She is GOOD luck. I wish people would let go of those superstitions because they are missing out on joy that beautiful black cats like Portia bring.

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