Roxie Moxie and Luna Tuna

Formerly Tiffany and Savanah, adopted March 2017

Roxie Moxie and Luna TunaRoxie Moxie and Luna Tuna

The two kittens we adopted are doing great!  Roxie Moxie, the calico (formerly Tiffany) and Luna Tuna, the grey (formerly Savanah) are doing great.  We could not have asked for better additions to our home.  The kittens, although not litter mates get along so well.  They both are so good natured and love attention.... which our boys love to give them.  Our dogs have taken a little longer to acclimate but they are coming around.  The cats are pretty oblivious to the dogs, which is funny because the dogs really are expecting the kittens to run away and they will just lay down in front of the dogs.  On the flip side, both kittens are interested in our guinea pig, and the guinea pig is the oblivious one. A special Thanks to FosterCat and the family that fostered these kitten until they came to our home.  We are very thankful!!

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