Adopted December 2016

Gabrielle (Gabby) is a one-in-a-million sort of cat! Never had we ever imagined that we would find such an amazing fur baby. She loves people and always makes sure to greet company when they come to visit. If there are 20 people over, Gabby is found sitting in the middle of the room, walking from person to person to make sure she gives everyone attention. She isn't shy and will make sure to cuddle anyone who needs a little comfort, too! She is often found cuddled on someone's lap or cuddled up around someone's neck. She loves to give "kisses" by licking a cheek which is her way of showing affection.

When we first fostered her, we were told that she was a timid cat and had some trouble feeling "at home." Well, I can say that within a week of fostering her, she made our house her home and we wouldn't have it any other way. We just lost two cats before she came into our lives and we were looking to fill the void that we had in our home. We may have fostered and adopted Gabrielle, but she is the one who rescued us.

FosterCat, Inc

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