Formerly Rosebud, adopted July 2018

When my husband and I walked into petsmart that day, our intention was to just get some cat litter for our 2 cats already at home. Of course, I HAD to stop at the adoption center first, though, to check out the kitties that were available.  There were 6 there that day, but only 1 caught my eye. With her paw pad pressed against the glass (and being a total sucker for paw pads), I was immediately smitten. Then, in reading in her description that she loved to play AND cuddle, I just had to hold her. "Only for a minute" I told my husband. Once they placed her in my arms, though, it was a done deal... she immediately started to purr. Our trip to petsmart was no longer just for cat litter.

Isabelle (izzy) has made herself quite comfy in our house and hearts. She has brought new life and love to our family. We are so happy to have been able to give her a home (and some amazon boxes) in which she can play and purr till her heart's content. 

FosterCat, Inc

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