Leonardo (Leo)

Adopted September 2018

When I walked into PetSmart that day, it was simply with the intention of buying a new scratching post for my senior cats, Beethoven and Luna.  When I passed the adoption center, however, the lone cat sleeping there immediately caught my eye.  He has very similar markings to my very cherished fifteen-year-old cat that passed away four years ago, Mr. Chips.  When I asked if I could hold Leo, he immediately started purring, looked up at me, and meowed.  I knew he was my cat.

Leo wasted no time in making himself at home.  He is anxious to be best buddies with his new brother and sister, although they're still warming up to him.  Leo enjoys cuddling, playing, running around the house at top speed, and "helping" me with various tasks.  He especially loves showing me where the cursor is on the screen when I'm working at the computer.

Leo has helped to fill the hole that my beloved Mr. Chips left in my little cat family four years ago, and I am blessed to be able to give Leo a forever home in return.

FosterCat, Inc

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