Angel - In Memorium

My Beloved Angel

Angel was abandoned in the woods and picked up by a good Samaritan and taken to a local animal shelter where we first met. I ultimately adopted her two weeks later. She followed me everywhere, became my shadow, and showered me with kisses. She became my best friend in mind and body for 11 years. Angel always occupied my thoughts in life and now after her death. We shared so many memories: sunbathing together, listening to my music, all the tummy rubs, snuggling, walks on a leash in the yard, and greeting all visitors. Angel was a beautiful blessing and a gift in my life. I still love her and will always cherish the memories and pray that she knew how much she was deeply loved to the very end and beyond. Angel will live on in my heart and mind forever and I will cherish the special bond and journey we had and how we enriched each other’s lives for 11 years.

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