Bogey - In Memorium

My One in a Million Cat

For the day Bogey accepted me as a friend
From the beginning and for always
For the way he captured the heart of many
Who have experienced
Bogey’s warmth, charm and wisdom
I thank Him

For Bogey’s willingness to be shared with many
Whose lives have been touched by his gentle ways
For Bogey’s trusting nature, always expecting the best
And never the worst in people
I thank Him

For the way that Bogey looked at me
And acknowledged what I was thinking
With a nod of his head towards mine
For the way Bogey understood
I thank Him

For the many days over many years
Bogey has trotted down the basement stairs
To greet me at day’s end
Or played with the children in the store
Or sat patiently in the arms of admirers
Or chose his napping place, beside me
I thank Him

For the times Bogey accepted his daily medication
With humility, yet dignity
For Bogey’s graciousness, absent any complaints
Of the aches and pains of his aging frame
And his perseverance through it all
I thank Him

For moments Bogey and I shared daily, each one a blessing
I thank Him
For he is, and always will be, my one in a million cat

Carolyn Kozlowski

FosterCat, Inc

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