d. August 2017

Flower was the last of her kind - the last of my three kitties known as The Wobblies, because they all had cerebellar hypoplasia.  She made it to a grand 17 years old.  She was such an angel of a kitty, a complete cuddle-bug who started to purr the minute you looked at her.  She slept next to my pillow in bed or on my lap as I watched TV.  She was also quite a talker - she really had a lot on her mind!  We had some fabulous conversations over the years.  Flower (named for the skunk in Bambi) had a pink nose at one end and a white tail-tip at the other and little fluffs coming out of her ears and toes.  She loved to be chased, which was hilarious to watch, since her condition made her look like she was on roller skates and out of control!  She had the softest paws in town and big green eyes that looked adoringly at me.  She was everything you could ever want in a cat, and saying goodbye was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

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