In Memorium

Foser became FosterCat's "Corporate Sealpoint" and mascot at the tender age of 5 months. Trapped as a feral kitten and brought to the September Homeless Cat Management Team spay/neuter clinic, this frightened but gentle, beautifully marked kitten caught my eye and it was love at first sight.

Foser went home with me that day and took up residence in a large airline carrier in my "foster" bedroom. Through the first several weeks, though obviously wary, Foser allowed me to hold and pet him, never attempting to scratch or bite. Gradually, he became more confident, exploring the room and climbing the large floor to ceiling cat tree to snooze in one of the hammocks, or check out the world beyond the window.

In December, Foser developed an eye infection, which required twice daily doses of eye drops, salve and oral antibiotics. Little trooper that he was, Foser bore them with gentleness and dignity. Though the infection showed some abatement, it was not completely eliminated and we continued the regimen of medication through January and into early February.

At that time, Foser began to display some disturbing symptoms - lack of appetite and weakness in his hindquarters. The vet prescribed prednisone for possible nerve inflammation, but Foser did not improve.

I drove Foser, now unable to stand, to the Veterinary Referral Clinic in Cleveland Friday morning, February 11. Dr. Phillips examined him, suggested a battery of tests and admitted him. She noted that he was slightly dehydrated and would be given fluids, nutrition and some vitamins and minerals, the deficiency of which could sometimes cause the symptoms Foser displayed.

I started home with a spark of hope in my heart that Foser would recover. But early Saturday morning, February 12, a clinic vet tech called to tell me Foser had stopped breathing minutes before. At only 11 months of age, Foser was gone.

All of us at FosterCat mourn the loss of our little mascot. But I am grateful that the Lord brought him into my life, even for so short a time -- especially grateful that he did not have to die a slow and potentially agonizing death alone outside.

Like so many homeless cats and kittens, Foser came into this world with the odds against him. Born to a feral stray, he subsisted on a very poor diet, exposed to the elements and potentially to all the terminal feline viruses. Though he is no longer with us, Foser will continue to inspire all of us at FosterCat to work even harder to save the lives of as many of these precious kitties as we can.

Thank you, Foser. Yours was a very special life and we will miss you.

FosterCat, Inc

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