In Memorium 2014

Dear Kringle! You were cute and adorable and just a little bit horrible. I loved your sassy ways and your cattitude. I know you didn’t like to be picked up, but you let me hold you anyway, although it was always with a sideways look that said “You realize I’m just tolerating this, don’t you?” You were smart and quite nebby, always needing to know what was going on. You had the funny habit of scooping your kibble out of the dish with your paw and then eating it off the floor. You had no need of anyone, but somehow in the winter you found your way into my bed to snuggle for warmth. I never knew I could love something so much that didn’t seem to love me back, but I know in my heart you really did — you just had a strange way of showing it. Sleep well, my petite angel, until we meet again.

FosterCat, Inc

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