In Memorium 1984-1999

To my companion and friend

You looked at me with big round eyes
As I petted your very soft fur
You talked to me with meowing cries
As you began that real loud purr

You hung around all that night
Brushing my leg and looking at me
Never letting me out of your sight
We had a bond it was easy to see

You moved with me all over the city
Adjusting to places without getting mad
Where everyone knew you were my kitty
As we were together and you were glad

You followed me all over the place
Never far from my side
You peeked at me with that smiling face
From under the covers where you would hide

You greeted me when I came home
We touched noses to say hi
I never felt at all alone
Until the day you said goodbye

You gave me all your trust and love
And some may think you were just my cat
You're surely looking from above
And we both know you were more than that


FosterCat, Inc

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