The Orange Dude

In Memoriam - May 1, 2001 - June 26, 2010

“The Dude Abides”

A spirit of deep connection, thinly disguised as casual élan
Clothed in burnt-orange livery shining brightly as the sun
Variegations – organic wood-grained coat - a beauty to behold
Deep orange eyes that seemed to match – took you from youth to old

Never taken for granted, always present with tenure so very long
Your absence now is such a void – seems short as breeze’s song
So typical in many ways – unique in many more
A practiced hunter’s species – but never killed before

A comic here, a bit prideful there, a mix of diverse will
With loyalty and watchfulness squeezed on our window sill
In many homes, you made them so, your presence did adorn
Without your caring vigilance, our hearts feel hurt and torn

You meant so much to each of us – a diplomat supreme
Stair boxing, project companion - or in the garden green
A “Bear,” a “Dude,” or “Refrigerator Perry,” a cat known as “The Moo,”
All these and more you were seen – by us and others too

A communicator without much noise – save purring loud and strong
The first to come, the last to go stayed with your life so long
A perch on floor or back of chair - not one for finding laps
Always close, always kind – you trained us well perhaps

From strong and lively kitten, who walked up grass-clothed wall
To serene senior citizen, you took us through life’s hall
Our own time clocked substantially, to your more shortened pace
You taught us lessons valuable ‘bout how one wins this race

Serenity and friendship, devotion to different types
Less energy spent on useless tasks, engagement not much hype
An “understanding” base line – communication’s way
Gave us so much of you to love, and you your nice long stay

After long and wondrous life you finally began to fade
We cried “good-bye” (we just had to let you go)…no more could then be said
Your trusting, joyful lion heart beat strongly to the end
Your gentle love will carry on and you remain our friend

FosterCat, Inc

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