To the Memory of Peepers

Sometimes all we can offer a street cat is a last few days of warmth, love, food and safety. Peepers was crying loudly on the street for help, her big eyes and dirty ragged coat caught my attention as much as her pleading cry. We brought her home and quickly realized how poor her condition was. She moved slowly and stiffly, her eyes were clouded and she was completely deaf. I cuddled her and fed her and kept her warm for three days.

We realized quickly that she needed to go to the vet. There we learned that she was older than 15, in acute kidney failure, and probably in pain much of the time. I wanted to run away from what I knew needed to be done, but I made myself stay and cuddle her gently while the anesthetic took effect. As her body loosened in my arms, I told myself that this might be the first time in a long time that she was pain-free, warm, and relaxed. So deeply unconscious was she that she didn't stir or flinch as the vet gently administered the lethal injection that stopped her heart.

Gay Kowal

FosterCat, Inc

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