FosterCat Volunteer Questionnaire

In order to be considered for volunteering today, you must be at least 18 years of age. By completing this form you can help us identify the skills you would most like to use to help kitties.

Please provide the following information:

Street Address
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Home Phone
Work Phone

May we phone you at work?



What days of the week and hours are you available?

During what months would you be able to volunteer?

January February March
April May June
July August September
October November December
Any month

What are your special skills, interests, or hobbies? (artwork, computers, etc.)

Volunteer work for FosterCat is not only animal-related, but may involve contact with the general public. How do you feel about talking with the public?

Please check any of the following that may be of interest to you as a volunteer. (This list is not complete.)

  • Fostering
  • Annual Bingo Fundraiser
  • Attend and set up a table at PetSmart's quarterly Adopt-A-Thons at the PetSmart Stores (currently Monroeville, Northway and Cranberry) to showcase cats/kittens
  • Transport kitties to veterinarian's appointment or to PetSmart stores for adoption
  • Distributing publicity materials to the public such as brochures, newsletters, event announcements
  • Coordinate a fundraising activity
  • Home visits for adoptions
  • Volunteer Coordinator

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